Single gene and gene panel testing

Available testing options:

CEN4GEN provides over 4000 testing options for the analysis of more than 3000 clinical disorders which have a genetic basis. We offer:

  • single gene analysis
  • multi gene panel analysis
  • single gene deletion/duplication analysis
  • multi gene panel deletion/duplication analysis
  • customized testing
  • known mutation analysis

We offer testings for prenatal genetic, preimplantation genetic, somatic genetic, infertility genetic, newborn genetic, post natal genetic, as well as adult genetic diagnostic applications.

We use a variety of methods, including:

  • Next generation sequencing
  • Array CGH
  • Array SNP
  • Computational analysis of next generation sequencing data to ascertain regions of structural and copy number variations
  • MLPA
  • FISH
  • Sanger sequencing
  • Pyrosequencing

Specimen requirements:

Germline conditions:

2 vials of whole blood in EDTA, or saliva collected in a collection tube approved by CEN4GEN or 3 to 5 ug of DNA in TE buffer.

For FISH analysis, 2 vials of whole blood in Heparin is required.

Somatic conditions:

1 FFPE block or 15 to 20 FFPE slides or frozen tissue/cell pellet. Contact CEN4GEN for more information.

Contact CEN4GEN for more information regarding the specimen requirements for other testing applications (such as prenatal, preimplantation, etc).
Requesting a test:

To learn more, you must contact CEN4GEN for more information, and we will evaluate your testing needs on a case by case basis. You will need to send us the following information regarding your testing request:

a) name of condition (if known)
b) name of gene(s) (if known)
c) type of testing request (if known)