Prenatal genetic testing

For any standard prenatal testing request, you must first contact CEN4GEN and provide the following information:

1) specify stage of pregnancy (gestational weeks)
2) specify whether the parents were previously tested (genetic)
3) specify mutation(s) known in the parent(s)
4) specify what genetic disorder is to be investigated

CEN4GEN shall review this information, and let you know whether to proceed with the standard prenatal genetic testing. Standard prenatal testing can only proceed on the fetal material, if one or both parents have already been genetically tested and identified to be carrier of a pathogenic or likely pathogenic mutation. Please note that CEN4GEN also offers carrier testing services on one or both parents prior to determining whether prenatal testing should proceed. The criteria for non-invasive prenatal testing differs, and you must contact CEN4GEN for more information.

Catalog of tests


Chromosomal CGH Microarray: Prenatal testing
Chromosomal SNP Microarray: Prenatal testing
Chromosomal SNP Microarray: Products of conception – Prenatal testing
Prenatal testing: Targeted sequencing
Prenatal testing: Targeted gene deletion/duplication analysis