Dr. Deepak Kamnasaran is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of CEN4GEN; as well as a Distinguished Scholar. Dr. Kamnasaran, a well accomplished Canadian Geneticist, has a Doctorate degree in Medical genetics (with Distinction) and has vast knowledge and experience in multidisciplinary genetics, bioinformatics and genomic applications. Dr. Kamnasaran received his post secondary academic training with distinction degrees, fellowships and certifications granted from the University of Alberta (Canada), University of Toronto (Canada), University of British Columbia (Canada), Hospital for Sick Children (Canada), University Health Network (Canada), and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (USA). He has immense leadership experience in organizing and directing medical and scientific teams worldwide. Furthermore, Dr. Deepak Kamnasaran is very well accomplished in his academic and industry careers. In fact, he was awarded more than 50 prestigious and scholastic awards, distinctions, prizes and scholarships from Canada, the USA and Europe, including receiving several Young Investigator scholastic awards from Canada and the USA. Dr Kamnasaran was also a Principal Investigator recipient awardee granted from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation – Leaders Opportunity Funds, as well as from several other prestigious funding agencies for supporting innovative and cutting edge biomedical research. He has further contributed to more than 300 published scientific and medical articles, published scientific and medical book chapters, published scientific and medical abstracts in conference proceedings, and invited lectureships worldwide. He has also served as a founding editorial board member for several medical and scientific journals, a peer reviewer for more than 40 medical and scientific journals, as well as a judge for several university and community science fairs. He is credited to organizing scientific meetings worldwide, as well as a peer reviewer for several Canadian and European medical and scientific granting agencies. Dr. Kamnasaran has trained and instructed numerous personnel, including clinicians from the medical residency programs, clinical and basic research fellows, doctorate graduate students, as well as undergraduate university students. He has further served as a mentor to hundreds of students from various communities in Canada to educate on the intricacies and applications of science and medicine. Dr. Deepak Kamnasaran founded the organization of CEN4GEN to provide comprehensive, quality, affordable and efficient services to individuals, families, healthcare practitioners, students and researchers by using state of the art, current and advanced technologies, strategies, and applied scientific and medical knowledge, with a team of experienced clinicians and scientists in medical genetics, genome medicine, personalized medicine / precision medicine, preventive medicine and multidisciplinary genomics.


Contact: deepak.kamnasaran@cen4gen.org