Test code: 177386

Clinical Metagenomics: 18S and viral genome analyses
Test Code: 177386
Turnaround time: 2 weeks

What is the Clinical Metagenomics test ?
CEN4GEN uses a molecular genomic-based platform to sequence the 16S or 18S rRNA genes and/or viral genomes from DNA isolated from human biological specimens, as part of a comprehensive metagenomic screen to determine microbial identity and population abundance pertaining to bacterial, fungal and/or viral species, and to indicate relevance to infectious diseases and health.

Can data be re-analyzed ?
Yes, upon request.

What options are available for the Clinical Metagenomics testing ?
• Clinical Metagenomics: Interpretation Only (Test code: 177378)
• Clinical Metagenomics: Reanalysis (Test code: 177379)
• Clinical Metagenomics: 16S RNA gene analysis (Test code: 177380)
• Clinical Metagenomics: 18S RNA gene analysis (Test code: 177381)
• Clinical Metagenomics: 16S and 18S RNA gene analyses (Test code: 177383)
• Clinical Metagenomics: viral genome analyses (Test code: 177384)
• Clinical Metagenomics: 16S RNA gene and viral genome analyses (Test code: 177385)
• Clinical Metagenomics: 18S RNA gene and viral genome analyses (Test code: 177386)
• Clinical Metagenomics: 16S RNA gene, 18S RNA gene, and viral genome analyses (Test code: 177387)

This test is indicated for:

  • Comprehensive fungal and viral microbiome screen


Type: Isolated Microbial DNA
Specimen Requirements:
In microtainer: 10 micrograms of DNA in DNA StablePlus reagent, or 50 micrograms of DNA in 70% ethanol.
Specimen Collection and Shipping: Refrigerate until time of shipment.

Please submit medical records or clinic summary notes, and a signed consent form when ordering the clinical metagenomic testing.